About Big Sky Precision

Big Sky Precision is a small, privately held business, established in 1993 by founder and president Paul Chaussé.

Big Sky’s focus is high-quality, machined, quick-release fasteners. Our success comes from listening to our customers and providing the best value in the world for custom quick-relase products. Our mission is simple:

1. Manufacture the highest quality quick-release fasteners in the world
2. Develop long-lasting relationships with our customers and vendors
3. Price our products competitively and continually improve our processes
4. Provide our customers the fastest lead time in the industry

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About Big Sky Precision
The story of Big Sky Precision

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Made in the USA
Button Handle Quick Release Pin
Domed Button Handle Quick Release Pin
T-Handle Quick Release Pin
L-Handle Quick Release Pin
Ring-Handle Quick Release Pin
Specialty Pins (Recessed Button, Adjustable Grip, Double Acting, and Detent Pins)
Phender Pro Quick Release Cleat Pin
Wheelchair Axles Quick Release Pin
Quick Release Accessories
Specialty Manufacturing Custom Release Pins