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Big Sky’s focus is high-quality, machined, quick-release fasteners. Our success comes from listening to our customers and providing the best value in the world.


  1. Manufacture the highest quality quick-release fasteners in the world
  2. Develop long-lasting relationships with our customers and vendors
  3. Price our products competitively and continually improve our processes
  4. Provide our customers the fastest lead time in the industry
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Strangely enough, the genesis of Big Sky Precision starts with the 1988 film Tucker, starring Jeff Bridges. The optimism, creativity and courage of this character inspired me to reach for the fruit of self-employment. But at 27 years of age with a wife, three kids, and a mortgage, the steady income from my mechanical engineering job was a strong retainer. After a failed partnership in the pottery business and a successful yet brief time harvesting tree bark, I returned to my love of building things.

As an engineer, I marveled at how I could give a machinist a piece of paper and he would return a three-dimensional part with exacting tolerances. To me, "fracturing metal" (as machinists call it) to make the finished piece was at least as exciting as the initial design of the product. Through relentless cajoling, prayer and stubbornness, I was able to convince a machinist to quit his steady job and partner with me in a new venture, and I was soon on the fast track to learning the trade. I will be forever indebted to my partner at that time who loved teaching and endured my over-enthusiasm.

Although I enjoyed machining complex parts for other manufacturers, I longed to focus on a proprietary product. In 1998, I saw the opportunity for this when a local manufacturer brought us a quick-release wheelchair axle. “There are three main suppliers of this product,” he explained, “Not one of them can combine the three ‘must-haves:’ consistent, high-quality parts with reasonable delivery times and a fair price. And none of them has decent customer service.” I instantly fell in love with this product — Elegant, user-friendly and secure. Plus, the potential applications were endless. Thus we embarked on a two-year journey of testing, development, patents and market research.

Our growth during this time still amazes me — over 300% increase in revenue in four short months! It was an exciting, frenzied time not without bumps in the road. As our proficiency in quick-release technology grew, more and more manufacturers sought us out for custom solutions — Our answer was always "Yes!"

Now we have settled into our mission to create customized, American-made technologies of the highest quality; develop long-lasting relationships with our customers and vendors; offer competitive pricing and continually improve our processes; and provide our customers with the fastest turn-around time in the industry.

Thank you for your business!
-Paul Chausse, President