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PHENDER PRO / KnotBot Boat Tether

  • BOAT TETHERING: Crafted to effortlessly be able to tether multiple kinds of water craft together while drifting and NOT under power. Being able to enjoy a party barge type atmosphere with your boating neighbor without the hassle of tying knots.
  • VERSATILE: Use with many different boats, rafts & personal watercraft.
  • ROPE SIZE: 1/2-inch rope
  • SECURE AND RELIABLE SETUP: The tether adjuster's mechanism lets you effortlessly adjust rope lengths with precision, ensuring a secure setup while preventing parts from being lost.
  • BUILT TO WITHSTAND: This boat tether has been pull-tested to handle forces up to 400 lbs with 1/2" rope.
  • RESISTANT TO ELEMENTS: Crafted from high-quality Delrin and 316 stainless steel, our KnotBot is engineered to resist rust and corrosion. Perfect for marine environments!
  • GENTLE ON SURFACES: Thanks to its soft dome and rounded edges, KnotBot minimizes the risk of unsightly scratches or damage, leaving your boat looking as pristine as ever.

Introducing the KnotBot Adjustable Boat Tether – your ultimate solution for hassle-free fender adjustment. Say goodbye to intricate knots and worries about scratches on your precious boat's surface. This innovative accessory, designed with boat enthusiasts in mind, takes the headache out of tethering watercraft together thanks to its effortless mechanism. Tighten or loosen ropes confidently, knowing that no parts will go missing, ensuring a secure setup even in the face of challenging conditions. And don't just take our word for it – this tether has been pull-tested to an impressive 400 lbs strength. Crafted from materials that defy rust, the KnotBot adjuster is your ally in marine environments where water and salt exposure are constant companions. Count on its durability to weather the elements and keep your boats tethered together. The soft dome and rounded edges of the KnotBot Adjuster ensure that your boat's surfaces remain unmarred during tethering. No more worrying about unsightly scratches – this accessory preserves your boat's aesthetic appeal. It's remarkably easy to use – just attach the looped end to the neighboring boat’s cleat and the other end to your boat and adjust. This tether enhances your boating experience by simplifying the process. It's the tethering solution you've been waiting for – so secure your water craft together with confidence and ease.

It's the tethering solution you've been waiting for – so secure your water craft together with confidence and ease.

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